• Viking K-1900-7-IP VoIP SIP Hot Line Phone

    Viking’s K-1900-7-IP is a durable, attractive, and easy to use VoIP SIP hot line phone, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and abuse. The K- 1900-7-IP calls a number when the handset is lifted. Once the call is answered two-way communication is established. If the first number is busy or doesn’t answer, up to 4 additional numbers can be dialed in a roll-over sequence. . This is ideal for controlling lights and cameras, or for activating a door strike or mag lock to grant the caller access to the facility. more

  • MXGCS Stabilized Sighting

    L-3 WESCAM announced the launch of its MX-GCS electro-optical/infrared independent stabilized sighting system for land combat vehicles. The MX-GCS is a highly versatile above-armor gunner or commander sight that provides on-the-move target identification, tracking and firing capabilities. Configured with a selection of high-performing sensors for optimal visibility during day and nighttime missions, the MX-GCS includes an IR imager, a high-definition daylight color TV and an eye safe laser rangefinder. more

  • Entrust LCD Series UPS

    Para Systems, Inc. today announced the release of the Minuteman Entrust LCD Series of UPSs, featuring a variety of new features and capabilities. more

  • Access Control Cylinder

  • Quiet Duo™ LR100 Latch Retraction & Dogging Field Retrofit Kits


  • Rapid Action Pandemic Planning: Taking the Next Step

    As H1N1 continues to approach critical mass Globally and Professionals in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery fields are dealing with the challenge of being prepared for a Fall Season return of the virus, this webinar delivers the tactical next steps on how to evaluate your current state of readiness, leverage your existing plans, and deliver a 'next step' proposal to your stakeholders. more


  • Expo Seguridad Conversation: Axis Communications

    Fernando Esteban, regional sales manager with Axis Communications, discusses the IP video market in the Mexico and Latin American regions with Security Products Editor-In-Chief Ralph C. Jensen during the first day of Expo Seguridad in Mexico City. more

  • Podcast: Workplace Violence

    Patrick Fiel, public safety advisor with ADT, discusses the recent incidents of workplace violence and how organizations can create a safer environment for employees. more

  • Podcast: Border Security

    Ralph Jensen talks with Michiel Selier, business manager of aerospace systems and applications division at the National Aerospace Laboratory in the Netherlands, about the role of unmanned aerial vehicles in border security. more


  • Best Practices for Video Storage Infrastructure

    This white paper focuses on how to specify video storage, why video is a unique storage challenge and why systems must be carefully thought out to ensure crucial data isn’t lost. Central to the discussion is a review of the three storage technologies you are likely to run across including Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN). more

  • The Five Critical Elements of a Perimeter Protection Strategy

    Regardless of the property size or the type of business you are in, by using the latest cutting-edge technologies, our trained professionals can proactively protect and effectively monitor your assets in extraordinary ways. Our expertise has translated into savings across a wide range of industries, each requiring its own unique solution. more

  • Outdoor Video Security: Nine Success Factors

    The effectiveness and costs of automated outdoor video surveillance solutions vary widely. This white paper is intended for people who manage and implement outdoor surveillance solutions for perimeters or buffer zones. more

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